About Cellulosic Ethanol Prodution at Frontier Renewable



About Us

Frontier Renewable Resources is owned by Mascoma Corporation, a renewable fuels company, and J.M. Longyear, a Michigan-based national leader in natural resources management.

Frontier Renewable Resources has established a joint venture with Valero Energy Corporation, the nation’s largest independent oil refiner and a leading ethanol producer, to develop and operate a first-of-its-kind commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol facility in Kinross, Michigan.  The facility will use Mascoma’s proprietary consolidated bioprocessing technology platform to convert hardwood pulpwood into 20 million gallons of ethanol per year initially.  Construction is expected to commence within the next three to six months and cost an estimated $232 million to complete.  These costs are fully funded, with Valero providing the majority of the financing, and the remainder from awards by the U.S. Department of Energy and the State of Michigan.

About Mascoma

Mascoma Corporation is a renewable fuels company that has developed innovative technology for the low-cost conversion of abundant biomass. Using its proprietary consolidated bioprocessing, or CBP, technology platform, Mascoma has developed genetically-modified yeasts and other microorganisms to reduce costs and improve yields in the production of renewable fuels and chemicals. Mascoma’s first commercial application of its CBP technology is its Mascoma Grain Technology, or MGT™, yeast product, which is a “drop-in” substitute for existing yeasts designed to improve the economics of corn-based ethanol production. Mascoma is pursuing other commercial applications of its CBP technology and is working with collaborators to develop and construct commercial scale facilities to convert hardwood pulpwood to cellulosic ethanol. More information at: www.mascoma.com

About J.M. Longyear

J.M. Longyear is a natural resources company based in Marquette, Michigan. Founded in the late 1800s in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Longyear owns and manages more than 165,000 acres of forest land in the Upper Peninsula and Canada, following best management practices to ensure forest sustainability for generations to come. More information at: www.jmlongyear.com